When: Next year in 2014

Where: Approx. 299 Modrow Rd Kalama, WA, I-5 Exit 32 Kalama River Rd.

Parking: Modrow Rd. – Easy walk to the event – $10.00

How Much:  $50.00 September 15th

Register: online, via mail, or at event.

Registration Includes:

  • Race bib / Timing Chip
  • T-Shirt
  • Race Memento

The Nutcracker Dash is a challenging 5k obstacle run through mud, water, trees and sun (we expect) featuring the Nutcracker Hill and the Crossing. Pack your squirrel sack with extra big nuts ’cause you’ll need them for this one. It’s a hardcore, bust your acorns, run near Kalama in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, about 45 minutes from Portland. We are offering to stress the hardcore racer while maintaining a fun challenge to the less hearty runner, don’t be afraid – much, just bring a good attitude and rock it!

The Nutcracker Dash kicks offs a fantastic day filled with challenge, obstacles, terrain, mud.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for our 5km obstacle and mud race, a crazy race blending hardcore challenge with down and dirty fun.  Your race entrance gets you into all the other events happening that same day! Hang out and listen to the bands while enjoying some tasty food or beverages after your Dash! Not only that, your registration gets you a high-quality t-shirt, race bib, race mementos, and a Squirrel Fest Burger and Drink.

In short, Nutcracker Dash strikes the perfect balance between fun, pain and physicality with our day-long party and celebrations.

Proceeds to go to:
Cowlitz County Veteran’s Center
Southwest Washington Family YMCA
Pioneer Lions Club Education Scholarships
Longview Rotary Community Programs